Four thousand horsepower is quite a lot to manage even for the most serious drivers on the planet. And every time a drag racer climbs into the cockpit, he or she knows there's a risk at hand. The circumstances were no different with this Chevrolet C7 Corvette dragster, which encountered a nasty accident on the dragstrip.

During runs at Tulsa Raceway Park, driver Daniel Pharris caught air while rocketing down the track. Not the good kind of air, either.

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As you watch the video you'll see that the twin-turbocharged Corvette lifts off the ground nose end first and looks to be on the verge of a backflip before the weight of the car brings it crashing back down to Earth in the opposite lane. It makes the overzealous wheelie performed by the car in the other lane look like child's play. Thankfully, despite the horrific looking scene, the other driver is able to stop (due to a poor run caused by that wheelie) before a real problem occurs, and Pharris climbs out of the Corvette unharmed.

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The Corvette, on the other hand? Not so much. The impact slams the front clip into the ground and spreads pieces of shrapnel that were once performance parts all across the track. 

The video not only captures the accident from the starting line, but goes on to show the mishap from farther on down the track, and from inside the cockpit, too.

As you can imagine, race day was over for the 4,000-hp Corvette. But, knowing how gearheads operate, the Corvette will likely be back on the track before we know it for a proper pass down the dragstrip, this time with perhaps better aerodynamics to prevent it from catching any unwanted air.


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