There's been a lot of talk about walls lately. So much so, in fact, that Pink Floyd has considered a reunion for the first time since the band's acrimonious split in the mid 1980s. Now drummer Nick Mason has another reason to want a reunion: to pay for the damage to his McLaren F1 GTR.

It seems the 73-year-old Pink Floyd drummer and devoted petrol head crashed his multi-million dollar 1990s supercar into a soft wall during the Goodwood Members Meeting event this past weekend in West Sussex, England. According to Jalopnik, the incident occurred during a parade lap, and Mason got out of the car and appeared fine. We're guessing he lost control because the tires hadn't warmed up yet.

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Those unfamiliar with the McLaren F1 GTR should know that some serious damage has been done to a seriously rare car. Only about 100 F1s were ever built, and of those, only 28 were F1 GTRs, which were race versions of the street car built from 1995 to 1997. These cars all used carbon fiber monocoque chassis and BMW-sourced V-12 engines that put out 600 or more horsepower. 

According to, Mason's car is chassis number 10R, which served as a testing and development vehicle. The car appeared during testing for the 1996 24 Hours of Le Mans, but didn't run in the race. Mason bought it and had it converted and registered for road use by Lanzante Motorsports. 

Now it looks like Lanzante will get a little more business from Mason. They better. This car is too special to leave in this shape. We're guessing Mason doesn't need a reunion show to pay for the repairs, either.