Get in your goodbyes. Find the strength for your final hugs. Squeeze that throttle pedal one more time. You have to let go...of the Chevrolet SS. The car has been on a timeline to finality for a while now, and that time seems to be upon us. According to GM Authority, the order books for the Chevy SS are about to close.

GM Authority says you have until the end of this month to place an order for a new SS. However, we reached out to Chevrolet and it appears there is even less time than that. Here is the statement we received from a Chevrolet spokesperson: "Dealer orders need to be in early next week, so if consumers are looking to place an order they should do it in the next few days."

There you have it. Get those orders in now.

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There are no special editions to mark the end of the line, no tearful send-offs to be found. It's just a quiet end to an Australian icon that became an enthusiast special here in America. What started life as a Holden Commodore will go out of this world as the Chevy SS.

So say so long to the 6.2-liter LS3 V-8 engine under the hood of what looks like a family sedan. That's 415 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque that you can team with a manual gearbox and a magnetic ride suspension.

General Motors is bidding adieu to the Zeta platform on which the SS rides. That bit is fine, as the new Alpha platform is a massive leap forward in terms of performance. Still, we're a bit sad to see a car like the SS fade into oblivion. If you feel the same and you have the funds and the space in your garage, consider ordering one up before the time has passed and you can no longer do so.