Is there any hope for a “Top Gear” revival now that the show’s former hosts are causing up a storm on Amazon’s “The Grand Tour” rival? With Chris Evans out and Chris Harris in, we say there’s a good chance.

And the first trailer out for the new season with Harris, who will star alongside the returning Matt LeBlanc, looks promising. The short clip also features Rory Reid who, along with Harris, has been promoted from the “Extra Gear” spinoff to the main show.

Harris and Reid will be busy boys as they’ll continue to appear in new episodes of “Extra Gear” as well. And don’t worry, ‘Ring queen Sabine Schmitz will still make regular appearances, as will Eddie Jordan and the Stig.

The first episode of the new season, number 24 for the show’s current format, is confirmed to air in the United Kingdom on March 5. We’ll get them on BBC America starting March 13.

There aren’t many details on what’s in store but the teaser clip above gives us a sense of the chemistry between the new hosts. There doesn’t appear to be the same magic as there was with former hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, though perhaps that will change as the seasons roll on.

As for “The Grand Tour,” the first season has just wrapped up. Season two will soon start filming and should be released towards the end of the year.