For Volkswagen, the diesel engine is dead here in the United States. The automaker knows it needs to bring a steady stream of electrified options to our shores to help keep its lineup in the good graces of the car buying public. These cars already exist, and more will be added to the future lineup. One of those vehicles could be the next-generation Golf GTI, which is now rumored to be adding hybrid-boosted performance to the table.

According to Autocar, Volkswagen is already hard at work adding electricity to the next-generation (Mk8) Golf GTI. One of the main components of this move will be the change to a 48V electrical system. From there, you'll see an integrated starter motor and a mild hybrid system that works to both improve fuel efficiency and provide a performance boost.

The goal would be to employ electrified systems to work in concert with the upgraded electrical system and create an overall powertrain package that could keep GTI fans happy while also bringing the car into the future. An integrated starter motor could be used to provide a minor boost function in a Performance driving mode. The 48V system could also see a traditional turbocharger give way to an electrically operated compressor that would help bring low-end responsiveness to a more sporting level. The 2017 Audi SQ7 has an electric turbo that supplements two traditional turbos.

Autocar also reports that the next GTI could produce about 261 horsepower, which matches the current GTI Clubsport--a car that isn't offered in the U.S.

The MK8 Golf is still a few years away. The timeline estimates it arriving in time for a 2020 model year designation. Volkswagen has already offered a GTE in other markets, which is a hybrid Golf that gets GTI bits to make it more fun to drive. This one seems to be a much more focused GTI that uses the hybrid components to make the car more exciting.