The automotive enthusiast portion of the Internet went a bit aflutter recently when some news broke of an apparent update to Aston Martin's iconic badging.

The British builder of gorgeous low-run luxury sports cars has been adoring its beauties with a set of wings as badging. This tradition started all the way back in 1927, yet it seemed that AutoGuide found a scoop that it could be coming to an end. A new logo was uncovered, and this is one that has nothing to do with wings... and thankfully, won't find its way on to the nose or rear deck lid of an Aston Martin vehicle.

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This updated logo appears to be a modern reimagining of a much older logo that was used from 1921 through 1926. It's a stylized version of the original "A" and "M" lettering placed on the cars created by the company that was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. If you look at those converging lines found on the "new logo" shown above, you'll find a sort of A and an M hidden in there.

This logo does not quite beat the power conveyed by the wings, and the Internet rightfully cried foul in the hopes that this wasn't going to find its way on any new AM machines. And it's not, as Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer cleared up with a quick tweet:

The more stylized logo will be used for Aston Martin merchandise. The Internet can breathe a sigh of relief here, as the wings are not going anywhere.