The hype train for the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] GT is once again in high gear. It seems like every enthusiast outlet made sure to get some seat time in the car on display at the 2017 Detroit auto show.

Little did they know that Ford would soon be releasing a video detailing how the gauge cluster that was sitting in front of them works.

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Ford has created a new gauge display that adjusts to suit the various driving modes available. The driver can choose from Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, and V-Max modes. Yes, there is a mode designed for you to focus on seeing just how close you can get to the car's top speed. If you can find a long enough stretch in a safe enough place, the result should be a number with a 2 at the front, followed by two more digits. And if the number in these photos is correct, that top speed may be 216 mph.

In Normal mode, you'll see your tach rising above the large speed display. Switch this to Wet mode, and the graphics get a wet sheen to them to remind you that you're driving in the rain. That's helpful in case the sky pouring water from on high isn't enough to remind you of this.

Ford GT instrument cluster Track mode

Ford GT instrument cluster Track mode

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Switch the car into Sport mode and the speed display slides to the right to allow for a large gear selected display to move front and center. Track mode moves the speed display farther out of the way and makes the font smaller. Now you're focus is on the rev counter, the selected gear, and a few other information pieces related to temperature and pressure.

Finally, move the knob over to V-Max mode and the speed display is brought back to the center of focus.

In the video above, this information is nicely displayed but the more interesting bit of news comes later on in the clip. That's where it's said that this technology will work its way down into other Ford vehicles. Perhaps a gauge display like this will find its way into the next generation Mustang? We may find out about that soon.

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