Another year of the World Rally Championship is in the books, and that means a French man named Sébastien has won the title. In 2016, Sébastien Ogier won the Driver's Title and he helped Volkswagen nab the Manufacturer's Championship. That marks the fourth season in a row for Ogier and VW, and it will sadly be the last time those names will be associated, at least for the near future. Onward then, to the many highs and plenty of lows that occurred during the 2016 season of racing.

A YouTube user by the name of r29292 has compiled a video of the best and worst of 2016, gathering bits of video from a variety of sources. You have slow-speed crashes due to ice and snow, but also high-speed heroics on the very same surfaces. You'll see long-distance jumps and massive shunts. There are, of course, insane fans standing way too close to the action in the absolute wrong spots should something go wrong.

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The driving done by the pilots of the WRC is some of the best you'll find in any racing series. The speeds may be higher in other sorts of motorsports, but the action on the WRC circuit is some of the finest car control exercised anywhere on the planet. But there is a fine line between control and chaos, and this video shows what happens when that line is conquered and crossed.

The cars and their drivers march on through forest and desert. The racing occurs on gravel and tarmac, mud and sand, snow and ice. The courses range from rutted forest trails to tight mountain passes, and almost everything in between. It's racing that shows just how skilled a person can be behind the wheel of a car, and it's amazing. 

Block off the next 18 minutes or so and enjoy.


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