Chances are that you pronounce Porsche wrong. It's not your fault really. Here in the States we've grown up hearing many a friend and family member say "Porsch." We see the e at the end of the word, but we either don't know how to pronounce it or don't know that we should. Heck, we've even heard a German automotive executive say "Porsch" once. If he can't get it right, what hope do the rest of us Yankees have?

Porsche is here to help.

Hit play on the video above and you will be transformed as a car enthusiast and a citizen of the world. It's pronounced "Por-sha". You don't have to say it in a manner quite as affected as the "voice model" used for the video, of course. Just a quick Por-sha, and be done with it.

Next we're going to need a video from Koenigsegg. Not for the automaker and founder's name, but for the Huayra. If anyone can tell us how to say that one correctly that would be great. Until then we're sticking with "Amazing Car We Can't Afford-ra."


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