The first trailer for the eighth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise is finally out and there are quite a few surprises, even for readers that may not be fans.

The first major surprise is that movie is called “The Fate of The Furious.” It was previously referred to as “Fast 8” and before that “Furious 8.”

We also see lead character Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, helping the baddie of the movie, a character by the name of Cipher, played by Charlize Theron. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. Fans will recall that “Fast & Furious 6” saw Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty Ortiz go against the crew as well.

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Scene from 'The Fate of The Furious'

Scene from 'The Fate of The Furious'

And while Toretto looks to have turned bad, a former villain, Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham, looks to have been recruited to help stop him.

There’s also plenty of cars and action, which is to be expected, but what’s most interesting is that a wide-body Dodge Challenger makes an appearance. Could this be the new range-topping Challenger that Dodge has been testing? We can’t wait to find out.

The movie lands in theaters April 14, 2017.