The run is called the "Inferno Mürren." It's nearly 15 kilometers of steep and unforgiving terrain that's usually tackled by those with two planks attached to their feet. Ben Collins isn't one for skiing, as he is too busy being The Stig every chance he gets. This is such a chance, as he has the keys to a Range Rover Sport and it's lined up at the starting gate of the Inferno.

Land Rover added only a roll cage, a harness, and reinforced tires to this otherwise completely stock Range Rover Sport. The automaker then let Collins fling it down the side of a mountain. In the accompanying video, you can see that he runs over ice, loose rocks, mud, and grass, and he occasionally catches some air.

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Making it down this trail slowly would be a testament to the ability of a Range Rover. Doing so with the throttle pressed harder toward the carpeting is just insane. That's what happens when you let The Stig loose, though, and Collins is clearly up to the task.

We know Range Rovers are both tough and fast. This downhill run puts that on display in a grand manner.


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