Hakskeenpan, or Hakseen Pan as we'd say in English, is a desolate stretch of mud and salt that sits in the Kalahari Desert. This South African site is going to play host to the Bloodhound SSC next year as it seeks to break the current land speed record. To prep the desert surface for this run, the Bloodhound team has turned to the locals for some help.

Every single stone on the path has been picked up by hand. That's nearly 18,000 tons of stone that's been cleared from 22 million square miles of this dry lake bed. This is the largest spot of land that's ever been cleared by hand for the sake of a motorsports event.

It's important that there be no stones, of course. The Bloodhound SSC is looking to lay down some positively insane speeds on this stretch of land. Pilot Andy Green wants to go past his own record of 763 mph. In October 2017, he'll push the road-going jet as he attempts to hit 800 mph.

If that run is successful, the team will look to hit 1,000 mph sometime in 2018. That's right around double the speed you'd see were you to hop in a plane for a cross-country flight.

As always, we'll monitor the record attempt and report on it when it happens. Stay tuned.