The 2017 Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] F-150 Raptor is nearly here.

Ford has been teasing us with stories of it blasting around Baja, tearing up random off-road trails, and causing the general sort of vehicular mayhem we're hoping to see. Now comes a video from Ford showcasing some of the ways in which the Blue Oval engineers managed to make the truck a better beast off-road.

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First up, the Fox Racing Shox used on the pickup are all new. They feature custom internal bypass technology to improve the performance, while the front and rear travel has been increased as well. Up front you'll find 13-inches and 13.9-inches out back, which is up to two inches more than the prior generation Raptor afforded. That increased travel is also paired with more ground clearance, which gives the Raptor greater approach and departure angles.

Each corner has variable damping rates depending on the travel of the wheel. This variability allows for greater on-road comfort while keeping the truck an extremely capable bruiser off the tarmac. There are nine separate damping zones, including a final hydraulic bump stop zone that keeps the truck from bottoming out completely.

So the 2017 Raptor sounds like it's going to be stellar off road yet also greatly improve on road. All that's next is for us to get some seat time in the damn thing!