Before there was Pawn Stars, junk junkies got their fix from Antiques Roadshow.

Of course, every guest seeking an appraisal hopes to have plucked treasure from trash. So when Alvin Barr was told a jug he'd paid $300 for could fetch between $30k and $50k, he was ecstatic. Unfortunately, as the Washington Post reported, the estimate was reduced considerably upon discovery the pottery wasn't 100-year-old indigenous art but a '70s high school art project.

We guess "easy come, easy go" covers that. Here's what else happened this week:

  • While plenty of folks on JaguarForums are content with relaxing drives in the countryside, that's not member Philly Single's style. He's currently tuning his F-Type for the strip, and this dyno video sounds wicked.
  • A CorvetteForum member recently took his Z06 to the dealer for its first oil change, but when his Big Nasty was returned, he found 150 new miles on the clock. Is this something you'd go ballistic over? Because he did.
  • For many, the words "most impressive Porsche 924 ever made" might prove as enticing as trip to the dentist or DMV. But the fans on RennList have interesting taste, and fell hard for this virgin 1981 GTR race car.
  • How much would you be pay for an out-of-warranty Germanic super wagon? If your answer is around $35k, the crowd over at MBWorld has found your ride. Now, just forget the operating costs will be match those of a 747.
  • Lancia was the first to sell a twin-charged vehicle, and it performed beautifully for several moments. Now, one mad scientist on Ford-Trucks is about to find out how well the concept works on the F-150. His goal is 800 horsepower.

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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