Focusing on the positive is great. But sometimes? A cloud's silver lining is lead.

Which is why Utah authorities—investigating allegations that teacher Brianne Altice was having sex with her high school English pupils—were not swayed when informed one student's grades had improved. Of course, even given the less-than-legal encouragement, it's worth noting that only one of the three boys Altice "tutored" saw any real scholastic growth.

Generally, one out of three is pretty bad. Here's what else happened this week:

  • In Florida, a concealed weapons permit is as easy to get as a suntan. So when three crotch rocket-riding jerks assaulted a driver, his passenger pulled the steel. HDForums recommends she get firearms training. 
  • The folks on CorvetteForum are a faithful bunch. That said, nothing in this world, even America's Sports Car, is perfect. So when prompted about things they didn't like about their prized possessions? They spoke up.
  • Last weekend was the 15th annual California Festival of Speed, and RennList members, along with superstar tuner Magnus Walker, were out in force. While the weather didn't exactly cooperate, the pics are fantastic.  
  • Combine a 3,000-pound trailer, a 1,500-mile journey, a 2.0-liter engine and the historic reliability of Land Rover products, and what do you get? According to LandRoverForums, the answer is 13 to 17 mpg. Not bad? 
  • Given how glorious every flavor of the F-Type sounds engine-wise, it's somewhat shocking to hear that anyone has bothered to upgrade the stereo. But a member on JaguarForums is doing just that. Overkill?  

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