Hot Wheels is ready to honor Women's History Month in the only way it really knows how: by offering up a set of new 1/64 scale diecast models dedicated to some powerful ladies. Now, these particular wonderful women are of the fictional variety, but Hot Wheels plays in the make-believe space anyway, so it only seems fitting.

These four cars dabble in a variety of fantastical realms. We have a galaxy far, far away. The DC universe has a hero here, and Marvel gets a double-dose of the mini-car adventure. From Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maz Kanata gets her own diminutive runabout. Marvel has two vehicles that pay homage to Black Widow and the Wasp. Finally, Wonder Woman has a vehicle of the visible variety and it features all of the colors that appear on her person.

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In fact, each vehicle plays up its design as a stylish tribute to the character for which it's intended. Black Widow is a sleek, deadly, beautiful assassin and her Porsche 918-esque vehicle portrays that. The Wasp gets a vehicle that's insect-like in its appearance. Wonder Woman's car looks beautiful and strong, and Maz Kanata's little car is alien yet charmingly cute.

All of the designs work well for the fictional character that would potentially drive them. Perhaps they could also brighten up your collection or make great toys for your kids.


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