We've got the standard Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, and there's the oh-so-mighty Corvette Z06. There are gaps in this lineup, and bowtie fans are waiting for those gaps to be filled in. The Geneva Motor Show may have a bit of the Corvette cure though as it seems the arrival party for a new Corvette Grand Sport based on the seventh-generation 'Vette has just been spoiled a bit.

Oliver Gavin, the five-time Le Mans winner and recent GTLM champ at the 24 Hours of Daytona, posted a picture of his schedule for the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, which starts tomorrow. He's slated to help Chevrolet showcase some product. It makes sense that Gavin would be on hand to talk about anything related to the Corvette, and it looks like that's precisely what he's there to do since his schedule rundown talks about the unveiling of a Grand Sport.

Here's the Instagram post from Gavin:

So fans of the Corvette, it's time to get excited. There's a new generation of Grand Sport about to make room for itself in the C7 family. Now we just need someone to leak photos that tell us when we can expect a bonkers ZR1, and the current generation Corvette lineup will be complete, as far as we're concerned.


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