It takes a special celebrity to be most famous for simply not being dead.

But that's the case for Abe Vigoda. Along with fantastic turns in the Godfather franchise, Vigoda was repeatedly referred to as deceased for over three decades, a fact which he and friend Conan O'Brien exploited expertly. Sadly, the website bearing his name received its first ever update this week, when his status was changed to dead.

The actor died in his sleep. He was 94. Here's what else happened this week:

  • More confirmation people are stupid was received when driver Blake Wilkey filmed himself terrorizing San Diego in an LS1-powered, 800-horsepower Baja Bug. Obviously, the cops are pissed. LS1Tech folks are on the fence.
  • Fans of the late Carroll Shelby turned out to the Petersen Automotive Museum to celebrate the birthday of the heroic hot rodder, and the MustangSource was there to shoot all the sexy sheet metal. Velocity stacks are beautiful.
  • After another round of mid-engine Corvette rumors started circulating, many CorvetteForum members both restated their long-held bias against the potential project, and called it impossible. Also, they would like those kids off their lawn.
  • The Porsche purists of RennList have given a mixed reception to lines of the new 718 Boxster. And after a couple of days to wrestle with the fact the entry-level P-car will get four cylinders and a turbo, they're still pretty pissed. 
  • In another case of criminal behavior caught on video, an English motorcyclist was sentenced to two years in jail for filming his wheelies, flagrant speeding, and questionable passing practices. Predictably, HDForums was pleased.

 Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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