In an odd trick of science, it turns out there there is nothing more painful than stepping on a Lego. Now, Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] and Lego have found a way to make that experience even more painful. Step on one of their two new Ford Lego sets and not only will you have a pain in your foot but also a pain in your heart. It hurts to wreck something so cool.

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Coming March 1st to Toys 'R Us stores and other Lego outlets near you are the Lego Speed Champions Mustang and F-150 Raptor sets. These sets include Lego-ized versions of the title vehicles, as well as accessory parts. The 185-piece Mustang set adds a time board and a race driver, while the 664-piece Raptor set features not only a second car--a Model A hot rod--but also a well-equipped garage, a trailer, a drag racing Christmas tree, and a crew of Ford workers to, according to Ford's press release, "ensure top-quality work." The Raptor also has an articulating suspension.

Lego F-150 Raptor Set

Lego F-150 Raptor Set

The suggested retail price for the Mustang set will be $14.99, while the Raptor set will run $49.99.

The Denmark-based Lego folks worked with the Ford licensing and design teams to develop these products. We're hoping the Ford folks received a few sets of their own for their efforts. They'll appreciate them, and then they can go buy more sets for their kids.

Now how about a Ford GT Lego set?


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