Sometimes, the news is simply too bleak to reflect upon. 

So we'll turn these usually topical lines toward Wikipedia's entry for Action Park, a New Jersey attraction which promised excitement, but disproportionately delivered injury. Don't miss the description of the "notoriously difficult to maneuver" bumper boats, which battled on a pond "infested with snakes."

Fortunately, the forums are safely out of reach of the news cycle. Here's what happened this week:

  • On LS1Tech, a member subjected a Monte Carlo to a truly inspired, tire-destroying drift and burnout session. While we don't recommend you stand where the cameraman did, this bit of mayhem is sure to make your inner hooligan smile.
  • CorvetteForum demonstrated considerable restrait in mocking a sixth-generation model which was clearly maimed by a Pep Boys "customization" clearance rack that exploded. Have another explanation for this car? We need to hear it.
  • Don't do anything half way? Do you just absolutely need to experience terrifying snap oversteer? Then check out this Porsche on 6SpeedOnline. For only $120,000 you can pick up a 996 with 700 horsepower—at the wheels.
  • Folks on JaguarForums debated whether orange is really the new black. But what do you think? Are these orange accents keepers? Or should they be thrown out with the rest of the kitty litter. We're staying silent on this one. 
  • Building a true sleeper is one of the key items on our automotive bucket list, and this Ford-Trucks member is off to a hell of a start. How cool is the idea of an F-100 with a Mustang Cobra drivetrain? Unless you're a tire, it's awesome.

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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