After a couple of weeks away due to testing, the 2015 Formula One World Championship continues this weekend with round ten, the Hungarian Grand Prix, which once again is taking place at the Hungaroring near Budapest. Here, temperatures can approach 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) during the day, and for drivers stuck in the tight confines of an F1 car you’re looking at substantially higher numbers. Combine these conditions with the demanding barrage of corner after corner with very few straights for rest and you quickly understand why the Hungarian race is so tough.

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The race has always been held at the Hungaroring, and is now in its 30th running. Though the track has gone through various modifications it remains one of the slowest on the calendar (average speeds are about 120 mph). That doesn't lessen the challenge of the track, however, for reasons mentioned earlier.

The current layout stretches 2.7 miles and consists of an uncompromising succession of corners that tests cars and drivers to the limit, and the reliance on slow-corner traction makes it a solid test of a car’s mechanical grip. Pirelli has nominated its medium and soft compounds for the race.

Surface conditions are very dusty and slippery at the start of the weekend, making it very easy for drivers to make a mistake during Friday practice. A racing line appears quickly, once the cars have completed a few laps, but conditions remain treacherous off-line and that makes overtaking difficult during the race.

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The weather in Budapest should remain mostly sunny throughout the weekend, and fortunately it looks like the peak temperature during Sunday’s race will only be around 82 degrees F (28 degrees C).

Last year’s winner was Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo. Going into this year’s race, Mercedes-AMG’s Lewis Hamilton leads the 2015 Drivers’ Championship with 194 points versus the 177 of his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg and 135 of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. In the Constructors’ Championship, Mercedes has 371 points versus the 211 of Ferrari and 151 of Williams.


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