It's no secret that Porsche is planning to bring a zero-emission vehicle to market. 

In 2011, the company revealed the Boxster E Electric Prototype, and recent patent filings indicate we could see also a fuel cell model at some point. And now we have more information on Stuttgart's latest all-electric effort.

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Details come from France's L'Automobile, which is reporting that Porsche will be bringing an electric vehicle concept to the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show in September. The platform will supposedly be the small "Pajun"—the nickname for the Panamera junior—sedan, speculated to arrive sometime before the end of the decade.

Power will come courtesy of corporate cousin Audi's Q6 EV, but outside the potential for a 300-mile range, little is known in the way of the concept's specs. Production cars will likely get 3.0-liter V-6 units in both gas and turbo-diesel versions. A high-performance turbo version will be the model's conventionally powered range-topper.  

That said, given the ferocious performance numbers we've seen from Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA]—see the recent revelations about Ludicrous mode—the electric models should be outrageously quick. Porsche after all, has built its brand on sports cars, and with a new Tesla Roadster due in 2019, expect Stuttgart to come at Elon Musk's efforts with guns blazing. 

More info about the new Porsche when we have it.


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