Automotive forums aren't for the easily offended.

They're the enthusiast's Wild West. Simple questions warrant withering mockery. Grown men express profound grief with a "sad angel" emoticon. Proper punctuation? That's like seeing an '80s-era Range Rover moving under its own power... meaning extremely rare.

But just as miners pan for gold, Motor Authority scours the forums to find the shiny bits among the name calling and flame wars. Here's what happened this week:   

  • On CorvetteForum, a third member discovered their Stingray was mortally wounded—after 300 miles. Those with keen ears might be able to hear the bottom-end knock in the video above.  
  • The folks on ClubLexus learned the mad scientist building a quad-turbo V-12 from two Toyota Supra engines has made some serious progress. Can you say tube-frame chassis?
  • Bikers on HDForums compared the damage after two motorcycles collided on a California canyon road. The guy wearing the gear walked away. The other one took a helicopter ride. 
  • Some of the "Just Enough Essential Parts" gang on JK-Forum shot a time-lapse video of a lift kit install. It's just the inspiration we needed for wrenching on our project this weekend.

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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