From our time with the 2016 ATS-V at the Circuit of the Americas, we know the twin-turbo, 464-horsepower bruiser is a blast when you can hammer it through some the twisties. But the announcement that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are coming to 2016 Cadillacs ensures that ATS-V will be a great place to sit even when you're stuck in traffic.

The seamless integration is sure to be a popular selling point with brand-loyalist buyers loath to learn yet another new system to operate the basic voice, music and mapping functions. Given that using mobile phones has become second nature to many folks—for better or worse—optimists can hope that an innate familiarity with their vehicle's infotainment systems will produce less distraction for drivers.

The inclusion of the Apple and Android systems comes in an update to the CUE system available across Cadillac's lineup, which also promises quicker load times, better voice recognition, and streamlined navigation controls.

While Apple's offering will be available on all 2016 models—with the exception of the soon-to-be redesigned SRX crossover—Android Auto will be launched at an undetermined point during the model year.

How popular these systems prove remains to be seen. For now, it appears automakers have begun a slow surrender of their dashboards to tech companies. We'll let you know how successful the strategy is when we get a chance to test each system firsthand.     


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