Racing enthusiasts, understandably, want to be as close as possible to the action. 

But the horrific accident at the Nürburgring late last month—where a spectator was killed, and others were injured—during the opening round of the VLN series has triggered new restrictions for racing at the famed German circuit. 

Fox Sports has reported on the measures, which come after a round table meeting comprised of the teams, manufacturers and organizers which make the series possible. Until safety upgrades are complete, spectators will be prohibited at the Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Metzgesfeld and Pflanzgarten sections of the track, and drivers will face speed limits of 200 km/h at those points, along with a max velocity of 250 km/h on the "Döttinger Höhe" straight. 

The new rules allow the return of GT3 as well as nearly a dozen other classes of racing—like the SPX class for the SCG003—which were halted in the wake of the March 28 crash. 

Racing is an inherently dangerous activity, but in the last few years, all its governing bodies have taken considerable strides to insure the safety of its participants and fans. The gladiator-esque days of the sport's "golden era" are thankfully a thing of the past, and while incidents like the recent crash are unfortunate reminder of its peril, the swift action here is good to see.


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