McLaren could be on the precipice of some seriously wonderful times. The Woking-based team has been one with an eye to calculated growth over a period of many years. It started a long time ago with its racing team, which remains one of the greatest Formula One teams on the planet.

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The road car-going world was taken by storm when the McLaren F1 arrived to capture the imagination and fascination of anyone who cares about cars even a little bit. People still talk about that marvelous machine. Now McLaren is prepping for a much more robust product onslaught, and talk of what's to come makes it sound like McLaren Automotive is piloting its future exactly down the path planned many years ago.

Speaking to Car and Driver, McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt speaks of the areas of focus where the automakers engineers will be required to log many hours. The current crop of McLaren products are already laser-focused tools for the track and the street, and that will be refined over the next decade. Despite the horsepower war in which we're currently engaged, the future will be about aerodynamics and reducing weight.

That makes sense, considering that we seem to be at the absolute edge of what's capable in terms of power production and finding a way to put that power to purposeful use. For cars to go even faster, they'll need to drop weight and also stick more tightly to the ground. Flewitt knows that the McLaren P1 and the recently-revealed 675LT are already ahead of the game in this area, as they're both built around the concept of lightweight construction and top-tier aero features. Still, McLaren are wizards at finding a bit more weight to drop and a stronger pull to the earth when its cars are being hurtled through space and time.

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The P1's hybrid system, by the way? Yes, it will find a home in some of the brand's upcoming cars--though it will surely be adjusted to suit a different price/performance point.

The future of McLaren is clearly shining at its brightest right now, and that's a marvelous thing for those who love cars. Though they may never sit behind the wheel of a McLaren-badged machine, it's still a greater world to live in when such machines exist.


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