Do you find yourself getting stressed out when you're in your Rolls-Royce? Do you wish there were a way to take your already soothing, comfortable interior to a new level of calming? The Bespoke Design Team has just what you need, and they're going to prove it with a new one-off interior to be shown at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

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The concept is called "Serenity", and no they're not using George Costanza as a pitch man for this one. The name of the game is a calming environment here, which is why the space is filled with a combination of silk touch spaces and marvelous wood. Inspiration was apparently drawn from the halls of some of histories great kings and queens, but also from a combination of European furniture and royal Japanese garment designs.

That's a lot of inspiration...

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But it will no doubt add up to a cabin space that makes any stress you had upon entering melt away. You're now in a sea of tranquility. You've entered Serenity. Sadly, there's no optional extra Inara Serra for you and the car has nothing to do with bringing back the show Firefly.


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