Ray And Tom Magliozzi

Ray And Tom Magliozzi

Car Talk, as any regular listener could attest, wasn’t so much about fixing cars as much it was about dissecting the interpersonal issues and hangups that often accompanied breakdowns, repairs, or vehicle choices.

Cars were—and are—a lens toward understanding a lot of our relationships in life. And we haven’t heard anyone else break it down, in such a smart, incessantly funny way, than Tom and Ray Magliazzi did on Car Talk.

Tom Magliozzi, who died today, was MIT educated, a former college professor, and co-owner of a do-it-yourself repair shop, among other things. And yes, his laughter was infectious—enough to pull in those who didn’t give a hoot about cars otherwise.

Ray Magliozzi's Note Regarding Tom Magliozzi

Ray Magliozzi's Note Regarding Tom Magliozzi

Ray, with the Magliozzi family, has extended an invitation for listeners to make a donation to the Alzeimer’s Association or their favorite NPR station in Tom’s memory.

The laughter lives on in reruns on the radio, and in episodes you can stream at CarTalk.com. Read more about Magliozzi’s life, including some great remembrances, with the links below:

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Tom Magliozzi 1937-2014


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