Hillclimbs are crazy. They often take place on tight roads that feature tons of technical turns, and all of it has to be tackled at very high speeds.

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You need to be the fastest person up the hill, so you have to push both yourself and your machine to the limit. This can result in tremendous glory, but it can also result in some spectacular accidents as well.

Unfortunately, for the driver of a Mitsubishi Evo, the latter happened at a recent hillclimb event.

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While charging hard, the Evo driver managed to overcook a corner a bit. This left-hand turn had a ditch just past the runoff of the road, which swallowed up the side and nose of the car. The nose then dug into the ground and it sent the car soaring into the sky. An Evo wasn't designed to perform acrobatic stunts, so the car didn't quite stick the landing.

According to a variety of reports found around the Internet, the driver only suffered minor bruising. That's great to hear after witnessing this truly vicious wreck. 


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