Today’s video justice sees a 52-year-old mother arriving at work only to be carjacked—or almost carjacked—when something incredible happens. She fights back. And she wins.

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Deborah Fielding, 52, had just arrived at her workplace near Manchester, U.K., and was out of her Audi Q3 to open the gate to drive in, when a thug rushed up and tried to drive off with her car. Fielding wasn’t having it—in part because she was due to leave for a holiday in Tenerife later that day, and her handbag in the backseat held her passports and other valuables.

Instead, the mother of two ran up to the car, pried the door open, and began tugging on the thief, trying to remove him from her car. After nearly being run over in the struggle, Fielding’s persistence pays off, and the thug scrambles from the car.

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According to a report in the Daily Mail, Fielding is “bruised all over,” but otherwise doing well.

Score one for the good guys.