In Romania, there's a sinewy ribbon of road known as the Transfagarasan. It's the second-highest paved road in that country, and it was built in the early through mid 1970s. For those who love driving, it appears to be a 60-mile stretch of pure nirvana.

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For one videographer, it's the perfect place to tell a love story.

This isn't your traditional love story, of course, but one that revolves around driving... and driving hard. In fact, the person behind the lens has managed to write a love letter by way of drifting. The imagery is beautiful, the driving is fantastic, and the soundtrack coupled with the engine and tire noise is superb.

The story goes that a couple ventured out on vacation to highly regarded driving road. They argued throughout the journey to get to this destination, but began to enjoy themselves a bit once they arrived. Their shared passion and love for each other wins out in the end, and the final shot shows the couple once again at peace with each other.

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That may sound cheesy, but it works rather well here. Go watch Ride The Mountains, and try not to smile. If you don't... you're made of stone, and you deserve to be stuck in the office on this lovely Friday afternoon. 


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