The 2014 X Games have come and gone. The traveling circus of action sports and motor racing whipped through Austin, Texas and provided a thrilling bit of entertainment for a wide range of fans. Hooniverse was there to capture the action that revolved around rolling things fitted with engines rather that sprockets or wooden decks. X Games has become a large spot on the calendar of the Red Bull Global Rallycross season, and now it's been joined by the Super Stadium Trucks series.

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While the Hooniverse crew was there to take in the actual races, it was during the practice sessions that the cameras were able to capture a bit of the behind the scenes action. Vehicles were understeering through some turns, trucks were spinning out, and drivers were basically learning the layout of the course. Surprisingly, that makes for interesting video.

The X Games, however, isn't just about the cars and trucks. There are many sports going on that require tremendous skill and bravery, just like in motorsports. Hooniverse captured a bit of everything during the practice sessions and crammed it all into one surprisingly relaxing video.

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Sit back and enjoy 2014 X Games: Practice Sessions.


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