Koenigsegg’s new One:1 supercar, the world’s most powerful production car, made its debut back in March at the Geneva Motor Show. However, up until now we’ve only ever seen the car on static display.

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Now we have the first driving video of the One:1, and we even get a taste of what it’s like to drive the beast. Goodwood Road & Racing’s Andy Craig is the first person outside of Koenigsegg to drive the One:1, and although the car he was driving was a development mule he comes away very impressed with it, especially when it comes to the ease at which you can make use of the car’s prodigious power.  

In case you’ve forgotten, the One:1’s twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine is delivering 1,341 horsepower. It derives its name from the fact that it has just one kilogram of weight for each of its horsepower, measured in metric figures. As mentioned in the video, that’s 1,361 ps, meaning the car has a curb weight of 1,361 kilograms (approximately 3,000 pounds).

You may be wondering why Koenigsegg’s One:1 is down in Goodwood. That’s because the car is currently taking part in the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs until June 29. Two examples are present, and one will even be used for the car’s official dynamic debut.

Sadly, Koenigsegg plans to build just six examples of the One:1, and it’s certain all are accounted for.


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