If you're a Datsun fan, you most certainly know the name John Morton. You also know of Pete Brock, of course, thanks to his efforts with the Brock Racing Enterprises race team that's better known as BRE.

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Morton and Brock campaigned a variety of 510 and 240Z race cars for a period between 1969 and 1972. To say they dominated their respective SCCA classes is an understatement.

It's no wonder then that lovers of vintage race cars have a thing for the BRE-colored Datsun machines. If you're such a fan, you now have the chance to purchase such a machine. Well, almost...

John Morton and Bonk Brothers Racing have recreated the magic. Using a 1972 240Z, Bonk, Morton, and the builders at L.N.A. Enterprises have produced a pretty amazing reproduction of the car Morton raced to victory decades ago. In fact, Morton says the paint is even better than original car, which was destroyed back in the '70s.

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This replica racer is ready to run in a variety of vintage events. In fact, Mr. Morton himself has jumped behind the wheel to give it a go on a number of occasions. Now the car is up for sale.

As of this writing, the reserve has not been met with a bid of just over $90,000. It's no small sum, but this car does have an actual relationship with John Morton. Were it one of the original BRE racers, the sum would be quite a bit higher. 


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