Car obsession is an indiscriminate condition; we all have it. But among a small percentage of the afflicted, car obsession takes on the form of racing. Symptoms of racing can include elevated heart rate, perspiration, incipient poverty, and very large smiles. Most of those with racing in their blood seem to enjoy this state.

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Luke Oxner has racing in his blood. From autocrossing karts at age 8 to racing a Porsche GT3 Cup car at age 20, he's strung together a series of impressive results as an amateur racer with the help of his father, Tom Oxner.

It always interests us to know what makes a racer tick, especially a racer that's not doing it for the fame or the money, but for the love of the sport--and perhaps the hope of fame and/or money in the future.

Luke Oxner is one such racer, currently working his way through the Porsche Club of America's National Club Racing Series. While in a way he represents all of us who would like to go racing at any level--or those who already are--Oxner also has his own story. Motor Authority recently interviewed Oxner to see where the young racer came from, what he's doing now, and where he's going.

For more about Luke, visit his official website, or his Facebook page.

Luke Oxner

Luke Oxner

Motor Authority: When (and what) did you start racing?

Luke Oxner: I got my first taste of racing back in 2001. My dad was a seasoned autocross driver, and as a kid, I had always loved watching him drive in those events. For my 8th birthday, he got me a go-kart so I could come join him at the autocrosses, running in SCCA’s Formula Junior class.

What else have you raced before?

LO: I ran that Formula Junior kart at SCCA autocrosses for several years. Following that, I spent a brief time in wheel-to-wheel kart racing, but that ended after about a year once the local track shut down. Over the next few years, I co-drove with my dad in various cars at SCCA autocrosses. In 2009, some autocross friends invited me to join them for a private track day at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Oklahoma. After the very first session, I was instantly hooked. At that time, I wasn’t sure when or how it would happen, but I knew one thing for sure – I wanted to go road racing.

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What keeps you racing now?

LO: For me, racing started as a fun way for my dad and I to spend time together, and it’s really just grown from there. Most guys have something special they love to do with their dad/son, like golf, fishing, etc. For me and my dad, it’s racing. Additionally, I love the thrill of competition. I’m a very competitive person by nature, and racing is a great outlet for that.

Luke Oxner will race this Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in 2014 PCA Enduro competition

Luke Oxner will race this Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in 2014 PCA Enduro competition

What else do you have going on besides racing?

LO: I’m currently a full-time student, studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. When I’m not studying or racing, I’m usually doing something outdoors. My current favorite is mountain biking.

What are you currently racing?

LO: I’m currently competing in the Porsche Club of America’s National Club Racing Series, driving in the Spec Boxster class. Like most Spec classes, we have a strict set of rules for car preparation that helps keep the costs low, and the cars as evenly matched as possible. This really places the spotlight on the drivers, which leads to fierce competition and exciting races.

Luke Oxner wins the Arkansas Governor's Cup at age 9.

Luke Oxner wins the Arkansas Governor's Cup at age 9.

Who pulls off the behind-the-scenes work at the races?

LO: My dad, Tom Oxner, is pretty much my one-man army at the track. Spotter, crew chief, mechanic…you name it, he does it. I owe him so much for everything he does for me. I definitely wouldn’t be even close to where I am without all of his help and dedication.

Luke Oxner will race this Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in 2014 PCA Enduro competition

Luke Oxner will race this Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in 2014 PCA Enduro competition

How much do you plan to race this season?

LO: I have 7 more PCA National Club Races this year in the Spec Boxster. Additionally, I have been given an awesome opportunity to compete in a couple of PCA Enduro races this year, driving a Porsche GT3 Cup for TOPP Racing.

If you could race any series in the world, which would you pick? Why?

LO: I’d have to go with the Blancpain GT Series in Europe. They race at so many incredible tracks, and the competition is unbelievably intense. It’s also cool seeing so many different models of cars on track together.

What tip would you give young drivers who think they might want to race?

LO: Go for it! The best time to start is when you’re young, and there are so many great opportunities out there. Autocross, kart racing, HPDE, etc…those are all great places to get started. I’ve improved a lot as a driver from each, and had a lot of fun in the process.

Luke Oxner with his Spec Boxster race car

Luke Oxner with his Spec Boxster race car

What's a memorable on-track incident?

LO: Earlier this year at Road Atlanta, I was a couple of laps into my first race of the weekend, when suddenly the top of my window net came unlatched and fell down. I spent the next few laps trying to blindly put it back up, which isn’t exactly easy when you’re going 120mph down the back straight with HANS, helmet, and harness all strapped on. By pure luck, I finally managed to get it latched back up. The best part is that my onboard camera caught it all on video!


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