This video does two things. First, it takes some of the edge off the scathing commentary the world is likely to hurl at the first money-rich but talent-poor owner who shuffles their LaFerrari into a hedgerow at triple-digit speeds. Second, it makes us like Kimi just a little bit more.

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Not that we didn't like the taciturn Finn quite a lot already, but seeing the LaFerrari pushed to the limit and beyond (and displaying some rather tricky-looking handling characteristics as it nears that limit) on the company's captive test circuit makes us smile. How often does something like that really happen, much less on video?

Raikkonen was likely at the wheel of the LaFerrari for promotional purposes, much like his new teammate at Scuderia Ferrari F1, Fernando Alonso has done.

With the flying Finn back in Ferrari rosso corsa for the 2014 season, we expect to see many more clips featuring his style, his skill, and, hopefully, his leavemealoneiknowwhatimspinning attitude.