Those with an incurable case of topgearitis will already know the famed Top Gear test track is available on Google Maps’ Street View. But today, Top Gear released a video showing how the Google Maps team was welcomed onto its circuit, as the show ramps up for its 21st series (or, as we'd call it here in the U.S., its 21st season).

Some say he’s never heard of Google Maps, and that he’s pretty sure the Prius is an Illuminati conspiracy, but he’s called the Stig, and in this video, he welcomes the Google Maps Street View car to the Top Gear track in precisely the fashion you’d expect: smoky, opposite-lock hoonery at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series.

If you need more of an explanation for what’s going on here—or more of a reason to spend 80 seconds watching it—we probably can’t be friends.