A Texas man is heading to court over what he feels is a Free Speech issue. The local Frisco, Texas, police view the matter a bit differently.

Ron Martin was standing in the median with a sign warning other motorists that a speed trap was up ahead. That was enough to get him arrested.

Martin was taken in by the officers running the speed trap, and he heads to court the following month.

The interesting piece here is that Martin wasn't arrested for what the sign says, but rather because of where he was holding the sign. There's a city ordinance that prohibits human-held signs on public property. Martin argues that this law pertains to businesses and not private citizens, but he was slapped with cuffs anyway.

It should prove to be an interesting case. If Martin can prove that his right to free speech was violated, then the tide could turn in his favor. There are already other states that say it's legal for motorists to alert other motorists of speed trap with a flash of their head lamps.

Our view is that the police and city probably have him nailed down on this one due to that city ordinance. They arrested him for violating that, and not for providing the warning. While we love a speed trap warning, we think Martin might be going down on this one.

Watch the video over at news site KHOU.com, and then tell us what you think in the comments.


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