The first time is always memorable.

Sadly, not everyone has ridden shotgun in a Ford Mustang while it's driven around track at high speed by a professional driver. This bow tie-clad individual is one of those people. He's about as far from the stereotypical Mustang owner as can be; a perfect opposite, seemingly sent from central casting.

"I do apologize if I scream very loudly," he says as the car pulls away.

That starts happening as soon as the Mustang rounds the first corner at Ford's Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium. From then on, the soundtrack is nothing but squealing tires, V-8 rumble, and hysterics.

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Just when the schadenfreude appears to be over, the driver turns onto the high speed section of the track, bringing the Mustang up to about 140 mph.

After a little more vigorous cornering, the hapless passenger is returned to the start point, still in shock. When asked if he's okay, he says he's "fine," but he certainly doesn't look fine.

Our parents taught us not to laugh at other people's misfortune, but it's hard to not find this situation funny. It's also hard to believe how unaffected the Mustang's driver is by the wailing from the guy in the seat next to him.


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