Spain’s Tramontana is back with a new model aimed at track day enthusiasts. The car is based on Tramontana’s unique line of V-12 supercars but its “GT” badging signifies it is designed for the track.

A Tramontana GT is currently up for sale on JamesEdition (via GT Spirit) and could be yours for 455,000 euros ($626,052). It’s a brand new model with zero mileage and, according to Tramontana, the buyer will able to have the vehicle ergonomics fully customized at the factory. Tramontana also boasts that a professional racing driver has compared the experience of driving the car to that of the McLaren F1.

Power in the Tramontana GT comes from an undisclosed V-10 engine, tuned to deliver approximately 600 horsepower. The engine is mid-mounted and paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters.

Performance figures are yet to be released, but Tramontana’s road-going R-Edition with 720 horsepower needs just 3.6 seconds to accelerate to 62 mph. Note, Tramontana is working on an even more powerful model dubbed the XTR, which is expected to deliver 888 horsepower.

All of Tramontana’s cars are based around a lightweight chassis constructed from carbon fiber. The configuration and setup of the GT, however, is completely focused on performance at the expense of comfort and road-going ability.


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