This man is Erik Dumas. He's Canadian, and therefore funny. He just proposed to his girlfriend, Mary. And he got a Ferrari out of the deal.

How did this wizard perform such a feat, you ask? It's actually quite simple: Dumas' girlfriend said he could have an engagement Ferrari when she got an engagement ring. So he went out and bought both.

But that's not the fun part (aside from getting to own and drive a Ferrari, obviously). The deadpan Dumas (who's also a regional chief for the Porsche Club of America and a member of the Ferrari Club of America) sets up the whole affair in a parking garage, then launches into a training montage before heading to Banff for the big day.

We won't spoil the rest of it for you, but it's well worth the full 10-minute investment. It's a bit dry in spots, but stick with it. You'll be glad you did. Oh, and yes, Mary is considerably more excited about the whole thing than this guy's girlfriend getting a free Corvette Stingray.