Russian dash-cam footage may dominate the world of viral motoring videos, but the Middle East still wins when it comes to truly crazy car culture. Whether it's hypercars abandoned in the desert or rich Saudi Arabians posing with supercars and their pet tigers and lions (seriously, that's a thing now), the Internet is awash with very wealthy people doing very silly things.

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This young kid hooning a Ferrari 458 Italia around a dusty parking lot is the latest to hit Youtube, and we're just as confused as you are. Who owns the Ferrari? How do two kids--the one driving and the one holding the camera--get access to such a thing? And is the video actually set in Libya, as it's claimed to be?

Luckily, despite shouting what we assume is the Arabic for "watch this!", the kid manages to avoid destroying the 458 as he zips around the parking lot. Impressive age of the driver aside though, it's a bit of a disappointing video. Any true hoon would have turned off the traction control first...

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Note, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a kid driving a Ferrari. A man in India was charged last April for letting his nine-year-old son drive an F430 on public roads.


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