If you made a list of iconic racecars, there would be a few vehicles that wouldn't even be up for debate for inclusion. A few would surely cause discussion amongst the creators of the list, but a handful would elicit nothing more than knowing nods and deep-seated appreciation.  

One of those vehicles is the Ford GT40. It was the tool that Carroll Shelby used to provide Ford with its much desired victory over Enzo and his Ferraris. Additionally, it was the first American machine to claim the overall win at Le mans. To say that the GT40 is an important racing machine is a massive understatement.

Every year at the Goodwood Revival, a large number of these fabulous Fords arrive to run the circuit and remind the world that they remain rather special beasts. It's a tremendous sight to see multiple GT40s gunning down the straight before competing for the next turn. These owners drive their cars the way they were mean't to be driven, and it makes the sight that much more spectacular.

This year the Revival will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Ford GT program. More than 40 authentic examples will be on hand for the occasion. In order to tease the upcoming event, has put together a compilation highlighting the cars running at the course over the years. It's a simple video done quite well, without music playing over the sounds of the mighty engines. It is, after all, a 427 cubic-inch behemoth that bellows beneath the skin of the MkII GT40, and it's a noise that doesn't need any sort of accompaniment. 

Sit back, turn up your speakers, and take in this teaser. After that, get excited for what's to come at this year's revival, which occurs from September 13th through the 15th.


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