Jaguar has issued two separate recalls that affect almost 3,000 of its customers around the country. The more serious issue affects the XF sedan. According to a recall alert, owners of 2013 Jaguar XF 2.0L GTDi models manufactured from July 2012 through May 2013 could see their vehicles stall.

Jaguar says the hose clamp for the Charge Air Cooler (CAC) hose on these models may be out of position and become loose, allowing the hose to detach. Should the hose detach, the engine may stall, increasing the risk of a crash. A stalled engine usually means steering and brake assistance may be lost.

Jaguar will contact the 940 registered owners affected by the recall. Dealers will inspect the CAC hose to make sure its clamp is in the correct position and tight, at no charge to the owner.

2013 Jaguar XKR Coupe

2013 Jaguar XKR Coupe

The second recall affects XK models from 2011 to the latest 2014 model year, though only those built from October 2010 through August 2013. The switch in the overhead roof console, which activates the power operated windows when the convertible roof is opening or closing, doesn't move down to close the power windows, meaning that the window could accidentally pinch or injure an arm or finger.

Jaguar says there are 1,989 owners affected by this recall. The solution will be to have dealers replace the overhead roof console, once again at no charge to the customer.

For further information you can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-888-327-4236 (reference recall campaign number 13V341000 for the XF issue or 13V340000 for the XK issue ) or Jaguar at 1-800-452-4827.


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