Putting your life into the hands of someone else on a race track is a bit scary even after the first dozen times. Doing it on the Nordschleife must be terrifying, even if the driver is Caterham F1 reserve driver Alexander Rossi.

The fact that the lap is to be run in a Caterham 485S does nothing to allay the fear, however much excitement it also brings. Balling up what is basically a modern Lotus Seven at 140 mph can only end badly.

But once you've throttled the fear and taken the seat, the song of the 237-horsepower 2.0-liter Duratec engine takes over--and, if you're NBC Sports' Will Buxton, the narration kicks in. And if you're Alexander Rossi with a steering wheel in front of you, "fear" apparently isn't in your vocabulary.

A great lap of the 'Ring on many levels.