Jeff Zwart is a man who knows his way around the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. Zwart has won the event seven times, and he holds the street car record for making the run up the mountain.

He has made the trip in both a Porsche 911 GT2 and a 911 GT3.

Now, for the 2013 run taking place this weekend, he's combining the best of both worlds by driving a 911 GT3 Cup car... with a turbocharged motor.

To run at Pikes Peak, a car's engine needs air but air is a precious commodity as you climb to the 14,115-foot summit. An engine with a turbocharger has an advantage over naturally aspirated mills because it can force much more air into the motor. Zwart's GT3 Cup car will greatly benefit from the engine swap, and he should be able to set another blistering time.

Zwart and Porsche go way back, as the man has run the German machines for many years now. He had a five-year stretch of repeat wins in his class at Pikes, and he's even run a Cayenne in the TranSyberia Rally.


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