This may be the best racing finish of the year. Actually, it may be one of the best ever.

The situation: the close of the Freedom 100 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Battling it out over the last two laps, Gabby Chaves, Sage Karam, and Carlos Munoz pull off some incredible side-by-side open wheel racing, going three-wide for most of a lap. Peter Dempsey trails close behind.

Then, as they exit the final corner and enter the straight, Dempsey begins to slingshot forward, approaching the others to make the race a four-wide photo finish.

At the line, it ended up with Dempsey's slingshot move putting him just inches ahead of Chaves, followed by Karam and Munoz.

Incredible racing. The potential for a huge wreck was just inches in any direction, but this foursome pulled it off, and did so with style.

Hat tip to Chris E.!