Honda is heading back to Formula One racing, and the automaker is doing so with former motorsports partner McLaren. This is big news for F1 fans, as it reminds many of a truly glorious era of Formula One racing.

Interestingly, McLaren has a made a bit of news as of late on the street-legal side of the road. The MP4-12C is, by all accounts, a supremely super supercar and the new P1 should prove to be even wilder. Now comes talk that McLaren wants to build a car to take on the Porsche 911.

Motor Trend seems to think this might mean that Honda and McLaren are cozying up even more tightly than it would appear.

Honda is showing their desire to get back into the sports car world, both on and off the track. The NSX is (hopefully) just around the model-year corner, and teaming up with McLaren for F1 could bring about exciting bits of engine technology.

Perhaps this merger could lead to a McLaren designed vehicle with Honda internals. If that thought doesn't tickle your enthusiast fancy, you need to go back and watch clips of Ayrton Senna using his loafers to heel-toe an Acura NSX around the track.

McLaren and Honda sitting in a tree
Making sportscars for you and me
First comes love, then comes the track
Then comes a car to give the Porsche a smack


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