According to a study by Cisco Systems, a large portion of consumers are ready jump into the driverless seat of an autonomous car.

In fact, 57 percent of consumers say they would trust a computer-controlled car. Brazil leads the way here, with a full 95 percent of those polled responding that they would trust a driverless vehicle. Additionally, 92 percent of those Brazilians would trust the car with their kids riding along.

India and China follow closely behind Brazil as the most trusting nations with regards to trusting autonomous cars. The United States falls a bit further behind those three. Here in the U.S., 60 percent of consumers would trust an autonomous vehicle and just 48 percent would let their kids ride in the car.

On the other end of the spectrum sits the Japanese consumer. It seems a bit odd to think that such a tech-forward country isn't as ready to trust a driverless vehicle. Just 28 percent of the Japanese consumers polled stated they would hop into such a vehicle.

The autonomous vehicle picture should become a bit more clear as time marches on. The markets that are open to the technology are emerging, and the companies behind all of the technology required to bring this vehicles to the road are undoubtedly paying close attention. It might not be too long until the streets of Brazil, India, and China will be filled with folks being shuttled around with a computer in charge of the action.


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