For many, the name Hans-Joachim Stuck may not ring a bell but those more seasoned readers will no doubt remember ol’ Strietzel, son of the legendary Hans Stuck and a Formula One driver during the 1970s.

At 6 ft 4 in, Stuck clearly wasn’t made for F1 though he did manage to make the podium twice during his career, both times with Brabham.

He enjoyed much greater success in the world of Le Mans racing, winning multiple times in the 24-hour event including twice in the Porsche 962.

Today, Stuck is an ambassador for Volkswagen Motorsport and also a key player in the development of VW’s road cars, in particular the GTI.

Our friends at AutoEmotionenTV were recently able to chat with Stuck and ask some of the important questions like what got him into motorsport in the first place and what his favorite car was.

Interestingly, Stuck reveals that when he was 14 he had considered becoming a priest, though it was a racing driver that he had always longed to be and fortunately it was in motorsport in which he ended up.

As for a favorite car? That’s the Volkswagen Touareg powered by a V-8 TDI. Stuck also happens to be a big fan of dogs and according to him the Touareg is the best vehicle for heading off-road with the dogs onboard.

For the rest of the interview, head over to AutoEmotionenTV.


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